Experienced CBN & Young KTR Can Not Inspire JaganTelangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao is touring the United States to bring investments to the state.

He has closed some big-ticket investments from big companies like Medical devices company Confluent Medical, Chemveda Life Sciences, Lucid Motors, an American EV maker, US aquaculture major Fishin’ Company, IT MNC Qualcomm, etc.

While there is so much activity in the sister state, Andhra Pradesh suffers from lackluster leadership. Forget about investments, there is not even an investments trip by Jagan in three years so far.

Late Mekapati Gautham Reddy, the former IT minister toured the US and Dubai for investments but both the trips yielded no results.

During the Opposition, Jagan used to criticize Chandrababu for splurging money on foreign trips and investment summits even though 2014-19 saw many big-ticket investments like Kia, Hero, Honda, Ashok Leyland, etc come to AP.

During the campaign, he made tall claims that how 40+ years old himself is much better than 70+ years old Chandrababu to attract investments.

Three years into Jagan’s rule, all those claims turned out to be hollow.

The pics of the KTR US tour and the tweets about the investments in Telangana are causing pain for Andhra Pradesh netizens.

“Knowing the nature of Jagan, it is guaranteed that he will not draw inspiration from Chandrababu’s experience. The tragedy is he is not motivated to even by the energy of KTR who is younger than him,” netizens are commenting.

“TRS worked behind the screens to defeat Chandrababu in 2019. It looks like Jagan is repaying for the help by pushing Andhra Pradesh out of the radar of the investments,” some people say in anguish.