KCR - KTR -GHMC Elections 2020 EXIT PollsThe Re-polling in the Old Malakpet has concluded at 6 PM today. The Exit polls have arrived immediately. Most poll agencies have been indicating the come back of the ruling TRS without the help of MIM. While most agencies have given TRS a minimum of 80 seats, no agency had given it less than 68.

TRS just needs to win 67 wards to win the Mayor and Deputy Mayor posts with the help of its ex-officio votes. If it could get to the 80+ mark, it will be very comfortable sailing. This will disappoint BJP because it wants TRS to take the help of MIM and continue its Hindu-Muslim agenda.

The BJP is hoping for at least 30-40 seats to stamp its authority. On the other side, the voters of the Greater did not let TRS without giving a warning. Almost all the exit polls predicted a 30% vote share for BJP which should ring alarm bells to TRS and Congress.

That means BJP is eating away the vote base of Congress and is fast-approaching the Top Place. Also, the surveys predict less number for MIM when compared to 2016 which means the BJP may have started making inroads to Old City with its communal agenda. The results are arriving tomorrow and so, we will get to know the real verdict in just few hours.