Narerndra-Modi-Amit-shahThe second phase of Gujarat assembly polls were wrapped up today. The polling process was already completed in Himachal Pradesh. The exit polls pertaining to these two states are out now and here’s what they have to say.

As expected, BJP’s stronghold in Gujarat will continue further. The saffron party is the overwhelming favourite to sweep the polls here. Modi’s charisma is said to be ever so strong here. Every noted exit poll suggests a BJP sweep in Gujarat.

But things aren’t looking so very easy for the BJP in Himachal Pradesh. Congress and BJP are set to go neck to neck in Himachal. Republic TV, News X, Out Of The Box, and Times Now – ETG are stating that BJP might pip through in Himachal. People Pulse predicts a Congress victory. This might go down as a tough fight for BJP here.

The results of both the states’ elections will be out on the 8th of December.

Coming to Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections, things look bleak for BJP. In a small yet mighty powerful state like Delhi, the municipal polls are really important. After being in power for 15 years, it is reported that BJP could be losing the municipal polls. AAP winning the municipal polls will be a huge setback for BJP.

Three elections might tell three different stories as BJP looks set for a cakewalk in Gujarat, a tough fight in Himachal, and a loss in Delhi Municipal polls.