Evidence Ready to Prove Modi's Corruption?Rahul Gandhi seems to be trying real hard to pull Narendra Modi down and restore Congress’s era again thereby making his mother proud of him. Recently he said that he is holding an earthquake which could shake grounds of Modi government. And yet again today he says he has some detailed information that Modi is “personally” terrified of!

He said the information that they have is about the personal corruption of Prime Minister, claiming that he is not being allowed to speak in the house for the same reason. He hadn’t given any hint on what is that “Personal” Corruption is or what detail he has on the same. He asked the government to allow the opposition to speak in the house as Modi owe’s an explanation on what is going on out there.

While Rahul tries to scare BJP with his detailed Information on Modi’s personal corruption, BJP gave a counter on Congress’s VP that he is just fooling around and challenged him to reveal the information that he has to prove Modis’ corruption, the personal corruption.