Everyone Wants NTR To Lead TDP But Who is Genuine?Telugu Desam Party has registered disappointing results in the Municipal elections. At many places, the party managed a good vote share but still struggled to convert that into municipalities and corporations. The party’s cadre is naturally disappointed.

At this point, the other parties are trying to fuel discontent in the cycle party. They are demanding that there should be a leadership change in TDP to change the fortunes and Junior NTR should be given a chance. A section of NTR fans has also picked up this demand.

But then, political experts say this is a trap laid to decimate TDP further. “For a moment, let’s think the demand will be accepted and NTR comes. How many of these will strengthen NTR’s leadership? The Answer is evident,” political experts say.

“This is a ploy to bring a divide in TDP. Junior NTR obviously can not come now leaving a career in films. TDP supporters should see through this strategic move of the Opposition or will end up doing more harm to the party. There is an easy check to find out the agenda of these people. Just see if the same people are supporting NTR in films. If not, they have an agenda for sure,” they add.