The title of this news item will be certainly useful for the marketing of Insurance firms. Yes, even god requires to have insurance in the country. In to the details, Mumbai’s GSB Mandal is housing a Ganesha idol made of 80 kgs of gold at a whopping Rs 23 crore making it the richest idol in the city. As every common man in the country, even the lord do not have sufficient protection and the organizers have insured the idol for Rs 50 crore a day.

And the total insurance is worth Rs 250 crore for the five day festivity. An undisclosed amount which is certainly heavy is paid for the insurance company not just for the gold on the deity but even the safety of its devotees. In the five days of the festival, the Lord here will approximately receive more than Rs 6-7 crore in cash, gold and silver donations from its devotees. The organizers are also offering a 92 Lakh worth gold and silver garland to the lord this year.