Even Fans Keeping Pawan Kalyan In Dark!A Pawan Kalyan fan and Janasena Supporter has been maintaining an e-paper which details about the party’s activities in Andhra Pradesh. It has been funded by himself and with little donations of the fellow supporters.

This guy has come up with a book which details about how Pawan Kalyan has gone to the people on various public issues after 2019 elections. Basically the book is answer to those people who says Pawan Kalyan has become politically inactive after 2019 defeat.

Janasena Supporters are welcoming this move big time and are placing bulk orders to distribute the books among people. While the effort of the fan with no support is appreciable, Pawan Kalyan and Janasena party should interospect why there is a need of a book to convince people that Pawan Kalyan is politically active.

If he is really active enough, there should be no need of any reminders. Janasainiks should also ask themselves a question if this activity of Pawan Kalyan is sufficient for the party. They should not misguide themselves and the party feeling ‘All Is Well’.

Film actors particularly stars do have this problem of not knowing the reality. People around them tend to keep them in a bubble saying ‘All is well’. It can be the issue for Pawan Kalyan in politics as well. If the fans also try to keep him in dark, the problem will be big.