KCR KTR TRSTRS is going all out to woo the Dalit voters in Huzurabad. It has brought the Dalit Bandhu scheme giving 10 Lakh to each Dalit family. There are 21,000 beneficiaries only in the constituency. That means Telangana Government would need only 2,100 Crore Rupees for a single constituency.

The Government already released 1,200 Crore and will release the remaining very soon. Even after this, the ruling party seems to be not very sure of winning the constituency. This has been evident from the comments of Minister KTR.

“We have faced tens of elections since the birth of the TRS party. The Huzurabad by-election is one of them. The general election is still two and a half years away. Huzurabad is a small by-election. With that, the government would not collapse. We do not have to come to power at the center immediately. There is no need to worry about the small by-election,” KTR said.

Usually, politicians magnify a by-election and call it a referendum if they are sure of winning an election. If they are not sure of winning, they belittle the election so as to paint the defeat as irrelevant when it happens.

Huzurabad is a forte of TRS when Etela Rajender is the candidate. He has shifted to BJP now and is posing a threat to the ruling party.