Erra Bus which selflessly served for Telugu People for several years is also undergoing division in the wake of state bifurcation. All the zones, routes, assets, debts, officials, employees, buses is being divided for both the regions. The current name ‘Andhra Pradesh State Road Transportation Corporation’ will be retained by Seema Andhra while it will be called as ‘Telangana State Road Transportation Corporation’.

The 100 bed hospital constructed from cutting 1 Rupee from employee salaries in 1973-78 will continue serving both the states. It is said that the debts of 4725 Crores and Assets 9548 Crores will be divided later.

Item Telangana AP
Zones 3 4
Routes 3640 4082
Depots 122 94
Buses 9370 10576
Officials 327 418
Employees 63481 70234