Eprix-In-Hyderabad-India-Looks-At-The-CityTelangana IT minister, KTR has been ever so focused on attaining global city rank to Hyderabad and the newly held Eprix Formula E race in the city is a substantial effort in this regard.

The name of Hyderabad city is buzzing around on social media now, thanks to multiple special attractions.

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The event was held in Hyderabad today and it was attended by several stars including Sachin, Ram Charan, Yash, Nagarjuna, Akhil, and others attended the same, and so did the main man, KTR. They’re also tweeting about the event which in multiplying the reach.

Social media is flooded with posts pertaining to the event and in turn, Hyderabad’s name is all over the internet now. This is how you bring global recognition to a city.

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All this while the government of the other Telugu state, Andhra Pradesh can’t even develop a single standard capital. Netizens are commenting that the government of Andhra Pradesh should take a cue from Telangana government.