Entire Tamil Family Killed in Deadly Crash in ArizonaA family of four died in a tragic incident, due to a lapse from the driver of a tractor-trailer. The driver failed to notice the stop sign and hit the car which led both the vehicles to breach the embankment. While the car caught fire, the tractor-trailer fell on the car.

All four members died in the accident. The deceased have been identified as Gnanappan Nagarajan, Vijayalakshmi-Gopal, and their two sons, 24-yr-old Athish Nagarajan and 23-yr-old Dhinesh Nagarajan. Both the boys were students at Arizona State University.

The boys’ parents had visited the US for the first time to meet their children and they were on their way to Sedona for a family vacation when tragedy struck. Incidentally, the driver of the semi got out uninjured. He has claimed that his brakes did not work, though the police department is investigating the matter.

Dhinesh and Athish were residents of Tempe and Dhinesh was a singer, musician, and an RA at ASU last year. All their friends and family remember them as lovable and warm individuals.

Meanwhile, a fund-raiser has been started on gofundme.com by one of the family’s best friends to collect donations for their funeral. The fund-raiser claimed they need to collect $50,000 by October 1 to go ahead with the funeral, which will be held in the US.