Andhra-Prabha-Mutha-GopalakrishnaReports are emerging that multiple parties of CBI and ED are conducting raids in various places of Hyderabad in relation to the Delhi Liquor Scam.

This has come a day after Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao announced a new National Party, BRS.

Meanwhile, there are also reports that ED Raids are happening on the promoters of Andhra Prabha newspaper and its English Channel, India Ahead.

There is no information about why these Raids are happening. The promoter of Andhra Prabha Mutha Gopalakrishna joined Janasena and supported the party with his media.

His son, Mutha Sasidhar contested on Janasena ticket but lost. After the election, Andhra Prabha looks inclined towards the Ruling YSR Congress Party probably because for the Government’s assistance.