Telangana, Telangana Financial Problems, Telangana Rich State Financial Problems, Telangana Financial Issues,  Telangana Financial Deficit Numbers Financial Problems are not evading even the wealthy Telangana State. The state government is being faced by severe funds crunch and it led to the state government imposing restrictions on spending on welfare schemes and has frozen all payments till October. It is reliably learned that the government gave oral orders in that direction.

Funds release for scholarships and fee reimbursement for students, social security pensions and medical reimbursement Bills has been stopped, affecting lakhs of students, pensioners, and employees. The state government presented a budget of over Rs 1.33 lakh crore for this year (2016-17).

The government reportedly spent 25,500 crores from April to this month. Major Share of these spendings went to Irrigation Projects (10000 Crore). The state government had spent another 8000 Crore for salaries. Water Grid Project works have got 3000 Crore while Crop Loan Waiver has got 2000 Crore and Fees Reimbursement Scheme was paid 1200 Crore till date.