Jagan Volunteers SalaryJagan brought the volunteer system to micromanage people and have their data in their grip. One volunteer is assigned to every fifty houses and they are controlling people as they have powers to give or disable various welfare schemes.

But then, Volunteers are paid a paltry 5000 Rupees. The last year when Volunteers went on a strike demanding a hike, Jagan himself said Volunteers are not doing jobs but service. “The money they get is an honorarium,” he told.

To appease them ahead of the elections, Jagan is planning to promise to increase their payment to 15,000 Rupees a month.

Minister Viswaroop said the same in a meeting of Volunteers and Secretariat staff convenors in Amalapuram the other day.

“You should all work hard to bring our party to power in 2024. If any other party comes to power, you will lose your jobs for sure,” the Minister warned them.

But Volunteers should ask themselves if increasing the salary is not possible now (as said by Jagan earlier), how it can be possible after the 2024 elections?