The biggest irony of life can be seen in the next one month. Politicians who are seen in bullet proof cars with red light beacons for the past five years suddenly get on to roads. The dirty street side commoner becomes a deity for this month. And politicians do all sorts of Pujas/Abhishekams to please them at this crucial juncture which will decide their fate for the next five years.

Ponnala Lakshmaiah who is in Karimnagar recently was seen playing cricket on road with some youngsters. Tummala Nageswara Rao, TDP Senior leader from Khammam played shuttle with his constituency youth. Actress turned Politician Jaya Sudha helped a lady iron her clothes. Sama Krishna Reddy Congress candidate against MIM Owaisi milched cows in the old city. Leaders did not do all these odd jobs for free, they have asked their fee in the form of vote.