YS-Jagan-Grama-Ward-Volunteers-AwardsThe other day, AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was speaking at the ‘Volunteerlaku Vandhanam’ meeting.

“I will make volunteers as Political leaders. There is no obstruction to your political rights or your progressive opinions,” the Chief Minister said.

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“You should not work like two times attendance a week. You should be always available. Don’t allow anyone to say you can not do a particular job,” Jagan added.

Saying that he will make volunteers as political leaders is clear bait for them. The volunteer system was brought in with the political motive of rehabilitating sympathizers and having a grip on the voters.

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Each volunteer will serve fifty households and will have a complete hold of their data and the welfare schemes they get. We have seen volunteers becoming YSR Congress agents in the elections even though they are paid by the public exchequer.

Their role can be interfering in and influencing elections in 2024. Previously, the Election Commission reiterated that they should be away from election procedures. But the involvement did not stop.

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With the Chief Minister throwing them bait of making them political leaders, we will see them working more loyally to the Ruling Party.

The Election Commission should seriously consider disbanding the Volunteers system six months before the elections or else it will definitely amount to influencing the election.

Opposition parties should begin a legal battle immediately in that direction.