jagan egoThe recently released Job Calendar of the Andhra Pradesh Government has been horrendous for the unemployed youth. The youth, in particular, are very angry with the Government after their set high expectations on jobs due to the tall promises made in the Opposition.

Just 36 vacancies in Group-1 and Group-2 prepared by 1000s of the people is something indigestible to those who are preparing for the exams for years together. Meanwhile, they are demanding that the government should release a revised Job Calendar with better opportunities.

Actually, people who know Jagan very closely are well aware of the fact that he is not a person who likes to revisit a decision that is already taken. He would be ready to take a hit on such occasions than to make a change in his decision. But then, the backlash is something unimaginable for the Ruling Party and there is an opportunity for course correction.

It has to be seen which side the Chief Minister will tilt from here!