Sai Pratap about ys jaganWe have heard several complaints over the behaviour of Jagan. It is also emerging that Jyothula Nehru is contemplating quitting from the party as Jagan failed to give the respect his age and seniority deserves. Here is one more complaint from former Union Minister, Sai Pratap who recently joined TDP.

Sai Pratap is a trusted lieutenant of Late YSR and their friendship lasted for about 40 years until YSR expired. He revealed that he thought of joining YSR Congress after the elections but Jagan never responded to that. Sai Pratap even sent a proposal to admit his son-in-law, Lokesh in to the party but Jagan did not say a word.

This may prove to be costly for Jagan. Sai Pratap is a six time MP and has good hold on local politics in Kadapa. He will be used as a life line to TDP in Jagan’s forte. Jagan may have thought YSR Congress is already strong in Kadapa, but he did gave a chance for TDP to strengthen here.