EEnadu-YS-JaganEenadu has carried a very interesting story about the condition of the YSR Congress‘s rule in Andhra Pradesh. It did not write any story of its observations and findings so that YSR Congress leaders can simply escape political criticism.

It has published a story about how YSR Congress public representatives in various local bodies expressed their displeasure about being unable to do anything for the people, becoming dummies, doing no development, pending bills, etc.

Municipality meetings in Salur of Parvathiputam district, Allagadda of Nandhyala districts, Municipal Council meeting in Hindupur, Karlapalem Mandal Parishad all members meeting have witnessed such scenes and Eenadu reported all these incidents in one story.

In the Municipal Council meeting in Hindupur, a YSR Congress councilor resigned in protest. In Karpapalem, a few MPTC members of the YSR Congress walked out in protest saying that not a single rupee is given in two years.

In Salur, Chairperson from YSR Congress Eswaramma lamented “Every month we are taking tea and biscuits and going out but there is no solution to the problems”.

Allagadda Municipal Chairman also admitted to doing no development to the people despite increased taxes.

This is a tricky story that reflects the ground reality about the lack of development and discontentment among the ruling party itself and is difficult to counter.