Eenadu Main Page Banner: One Shot Two Birds!Eenadu had published a main page Banner item today which will be a big blow for YSR Congress politically as well as exposing the real intention behind the idea of three capitals.

Eenadu published a list of properties acquired by companies belonging to Vijaysai Reddy‘s families. What amounts to Insider Trading, lands were acquired near Bhogapuram Airport Highway and where the Secretariat will come if Vishakapatnam is made the executive capital.

Eenadu did not make mere allegations. It has published a complete list of lands with location, survey numbers, their government value etc with the date of registration.

Accordingly, between February 2021 and December 2021, there were 15 registrations by the companies belonging to Vijaysai Reddy’s daughter and son-in-law. The company was registered just four months before the first deal.

The total Land amount to 87,713.99 square yards costing 53.03 Crore as per the registered value. The market value will run into several 100s of Crores.

Eenadu started the article with Vijaysai Reddy’s statement that neither he nor his family directly or indirectly do not own any property in Vishakapatnam except for a 3 BHK flat.

This exposure will trouble YSR Congress big time politically especially because of the fact that Vijaysai Reddy is the Number two in YSR Congress and also, will expose the fake love of the Government on Vishakapatnam.

That will also lend credence to the Opposition’s allegations that Three Capitals is only for looting Vishakapatnam.