eenadu YS JaganFrom the last few days, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is repeatedly targeting Eenadu and Andhrajyothy and is now paying price for it.

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It looks like Eenadu has also upped the ante against the ruling party.

Unlike Jyothy, Eenadu will not stuff its readers with views. It will present news in a way that readers themselves will read it and come to a conclusion in a way Eenadu wanted.

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This morning, Eenadu published a statement of Jagan saying the Opposition is trying to downsize liquor income so that freebies can be stopped.

The CM may have thought it would corner Chandrababu by portraying him as anti-freebies but the reverse has happened.

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Jagan who came to power with the promise of Prohibition is clearly exposed for his desperation for liquor money.

Eenadu did not make any statement against Jagan. On one side, it carried the statement of Jagan “Madhyam Aadhayyanni Thagginchendhuke Vishapooritha Kutra’ and on the other side, it carried a piece with different statements of Jagan from Opposition to the Assembly yesterday.

From Prohibition to Phase-wise prohibition to Liquor money for freebies, Jagan’s transformation is clearly exposed.

Without drawing any conclusion, Eenadu has exposed how Jagan changed his stance on Prohibition.

This will be very unsettling for YSR Congress and its rank and file which boasts of ‘Maata Thappam Madama Thippam’.

Elections are still two years to go. Eenadu entering the fray and going straightaway into Election mode will be nothing but trouble for the ruling party.