KCRAn article on Eenadu is making rounds on social media with numerous clicks and shares and you will know why. The article posted a picture of a treeling with super protection and care taken by the officials is what amusing the readers.

Why is that tree that precious to the people there? It is no rare species or a costly wood. It got that special attention for it was planted by the Telangana CM KCR in Karimanagar as part of the Haritha haram the last year. Post the leader planted the tree, the officials took good care of the plant as they even put a guard to protect it from animals and the naughty people not to damage the tree. Not the just the guard but three CCTV camera’s arranged to the tree is what amuses us.

The tree has got cameras set up for tight security and also, police have set up a camp over the area and are guarding the tree day and night with the help of corporation officials too. Wow, this is what you call the special package. What say?