GHMC Elections 2020GHMC area which has the highest population of Educated Voters is disappointing the state once again. The polling for the Corporation started at 7 AM today and the polling is happening at a very disappointing pace. Until 1 PM, that is in the first six hours of the polling, it is estimated that only 18.2% of the voters have exercised their voting.

By the close of the voting, we may at best see the voter turnout up to 40%. This can be termed as a very poor turnout especially in such a crucial election which may change the face of Telangana Politics. Despite the fierce campaign in which even Central leaders have descended, nothing could change the mindset of educated voters who treat the polling day as a holiday.

The polling was planned for Tuesday, many have applied for leave on Monday and have taken a long vacation. There are some people who are already working from their natives due to the Long Weekend. And a good chunk of people behaves as if they are averse to elections every time.

With all these factors combined, the voting percentage is less. Interestingly, voting awareness is high on the rural side. Dubbaka which is predominantly a rural constituency recorded close to 80% voting recently. Coming to GHMC Elections, usually, low voter turnout is considered an advantage to the Ruling Party.