YS-Jagan-playing-into-Chandrababu-Naidu's-handsIt looks like nothing is going Jagan’s way. After TDP successfully stalling Three Capitals, now the Chief Minister is at the receiving end from the ED Court as well. The Nampally Court refused him exemption from the court appearances in the cases pertaining to the Enforcement Directorate.

Already, the exemption was refused in CBI cases as well. Jagan is the Accused Number One in all the five charge sheets filed by the Enforcement Directorate so far. Jagan asked the court that a representative from Jagathi Publications will be attending the court instead of him.

ED opposed the exemption saying that it is important for the accused to attend the court in severe financial fraud cases. The court agreed with the ED’s opinion and rejected Jagan’s plea. On the other side, Jagan obtained permission from the court to miss the court proceedings for today.

Jagan Mohan Reddy only made a single court appearance after he is elected as the Chief Minister after the court became serious. After that court appearance, Jagan skipped another two hearings. It has to be seen if the Chief Minister will co-operate with the court at least from Next Friday.