EC turns down Pawan's Jana Sena application!

Election commission today had turned down the application of new party registration by Pawan Kalyan. The actor submitted the application for registering of Jana Sena party on Monday. But Election Commission officials made it clear that rules do not allow to register parties after the election notification is issued. The actor was supposed unveil his party flag, agenda and other details on March 14.

With this decision of Election commission, Pawan Kalyan is in dilemma. The actor currently has two options – He needs to field his party candidates as independents or He has to take hold of already registered party and contest from that. The actor will also get the problem of not having a common symbol for the party candidates. In 2009, Chiranjeevi also faced similar issue. Praja Rajyam Party was actually registered by some one but was took over by Chiranjeevi. He approached the courts for common symbol and achieved it. We will have to see what happens to Pawan Kalyan!