Etela Rajender -KCRThe battle between TRS and BJP is getting intense in Telangana. This time it happened in the state assembly. Eetala Rajender who shifted sides is spearheading the BJP’s attack.

The Government had finally managed to suspend Eatala. In a heated debate in the house, the former Minister addressed Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy as a ‘Mara Manishi’ (Robot).

TRS severely objected the remarks and demanded an apology. But Eatala did not budge. Finally Minister Prashanth Reddy introduced the suspension resolution.

The Speaker accepted and suspended Eatala for the rest of the session. BJP has only three members in the house – Raja Singh, Raghunandan Rao, and Eatala.

Raja Singh is in legal tangles for his comments on the Prophet. Eatala is suspended and now BJP is left only with Raghunandhan Rao for the rest of the session.

TRS set a trap for Eatala and the former Minister walked into it.