KTR, KTR-Harish Rao, KTR-Harish Rao Telangana Future Chief Minister, KTR-Harish Rao TRS, KTR-Harish Rao TRS position, KTR-Harish Rao Achievements Telangana IT Minister KTR is a Number Two in the state government. The Chief Minister never missed an opportunity in elevating him. The best example for that is making KTR in charge of Paleru by-election. It is a open secret that the election is a cakewalk for the district strongman, Tummala Nageswara Rao but KTR is made in-charge to get the credit of win.

Similarly whenever there is a chance for projection, KTR is there. KCR government is on the verge of its first major challenge regarding the land acquisition of Mallanna Sagar Project. The issue has come as a huge relief for the opposition parties which are trying to corner the government for the first time.

But KCR intelligently kept KTR out of the issue and deployed Harish Rao to handle the issue with out the government facing much trouble. Harish Rao’s group in the party is disappointed with the CM’s attitude but at the same time are confident that Harish will easily handle the issue and steer the government out of trouble.