EoDB Rankings Put Janasena on Backfoot?Andhra Pradesh Getting Rank One in the Ease of Doing Business Rankings is causing a Heart Burn for Pawan Kalyan and his fans. It is no Simple Survey as it was Given by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in association with the World Bank.

So, it cannot be rubbished easily. The Rankings came at a time when Pawan Kalyan is accusing the State Government of Corruption and Inefficiency. This survey will mean that Pawan Kalyan’s criticism is answered in style. Pawan Kalyan fans have started a new argument saying that Ease of Business is of no use when there are no investments.

Some even allege a secret nexus between TDP and BJP. Pawan Kalyan has completed his Uttarandhra leg of Janasena Porata Yatra. He will enter the Godavari districts very soon and it has to be seen if he will respond to that or will avoid it totally like Jagan.