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Early Elections Fever – What is Brewing?

Early Elections Fever - What is Brewing?Telugu Politics is suddenly abuzz with the rumours of possible early elections. We have seen Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is speaking about the early elections every now and then and is alerting the party rank and file to be ready whenever elections come.

On the other side, Telangana CM KCR is touring the state as if the elections are already here. The Chief Minister is addressing five public meetings in three days, and another one after a short gap. The Opposition is left guessing what is happening.

The other day, at a Party meeting in Lotus Pond, Opposition Leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy told the party incharges that elections may arrive in October the next year and we are already in the last one year before the elections.

Jagan mentioned that he has specific information of Chandrababu Naidu mulling early elections. Jagan is embarking on a Padayatra in 120 constituencies from November 2nd and it will be followed by Bus Yatra in another 50 constituencies. Looks like Early Elections fever is gripping both the Telugu States.