Bhumana Karunakara Reddy Drug menace is on a rampage in Pilgrim city, Tirupati. Youth, in particular, are constantly after Ganja and other drugs tormenting their parents. This is not an allegation by the Opposition but it is of YSR Congress MLA, Bhumana Karunakara Reddy. He gave a written complaint to Tirupati Urban SP Venkata Appalanaidu.

“Drugs have become a big menace in Tirupati in recent times. Ganja and other drugs are very easily available here. 100s of youth are stuck in this and their parents are weeping in silence. Even girls are also getting addicted and are drowning in more problems,” he wrote in the complaint.

The Ruling party leaders are startled by this admission of their own MLA. They say even if it is right Bhumana should not have gone public as it will dent the image of their own Government and they fear it will send wrong signals to the public of the state.

Regardless of political calculations, it’s time the government and the authorities identify the anti-social elements behind this drug trade and curb it completely. Or else it will not only dent the image of Tirupati but also rattle the lives of many families.