Drug Addiction on A Rise After Liquor Ban in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh Beware!A report by Hindustan Times citing the findings of Patna’s popular Disha de-addiction cum-rehabilitation Centre says that Liquor Ban in Bihar is leading to Drug Addiction in the Rich. The report says that people with better economic status, especially those with a monthly income of more than Rs 20,000 per month, are indulging in various kinds of addiction.

Drug Addiction includes heroin/smack, alcohol, marijuana, charas, bhang, intravenous injections, inhaling whiteners and other adhesives. The conclusion arrived from the number of addiction cases that come to their notice. As per the data, people in Bihar especially those with higher income are moving towards Drugs after Liquor Ban.

The De-Addiction Center CEO claims that people are opting alternative ways of intoxication. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy which has announced a complete ban of liquor by 2024 who is being implemented in phases should take stock of the situation in Bihar and take remedial steps so as such a situation does not arise in Andhra Pradesh.

On the other side, Jagan Mohan Reddy ordered the crackdown of estimated 70,000 Belt Shops across the state by October 1st and also banned the sale of liquor near the National Highways and Dhabas situated there. In the subsequent phases, the liquor shops will be slowly reduced to Zero by 2024.