ysrcp mlas against to jaganIf the buzz in political circles is to be believed, About a dozen YSR Congress MLAs are in talks with the ruling Telugu Desam Party for shifting their loyalities. The opposition MLAs are totally cash strapped and are miffed with their party or Jagan not coming to their rescue. Jagan reportedly promised to help them financially after the elections but is trying to evade them.

Many of them are very angry on Jagan who is coming to them only when there is an assembly session. In the remaining days, they were not even getting the appointment of the opposition leader. It is said that TDP Rajyasabha MP CM Ramesh is in touch with them but Chandrababu Naidu paused the inflow for a while since it will not be ethical for them when they are blaming TRS in Telangana for encouraging defections.

According to a recent survey doing rounds in the political circles, the vote share of YSR Congress decreased by 7% from the last elections. This is all in one years time and so many MLAs came to the opinion that there is no future to YSRCP going further. We will have to see what Jagan does about that!