Double Trouble For KCR, Cornered Perfectly!Huzurabad’s By-election result has come as a big shock to TRS’s rank and file. The Government has brought up the Dalit Bandhu scheme which promises 10 Lakh Rupees to every Dalit family to win Huzurabad. The scheme will cost around 2100 Crore only for the Huzurabad constituency.

But then, the scheme did not reap any dividends for the Ruling party. Even at Salapalli village where KCR launched the scheme, Eatala Rajender got more votes than the TRS candidate. Now, taking this scheme forward will have zero use for TRS.

Buzz in the political circles is that TRS Government will not stop the scheme but the Government will take forever to implement it. Also, it is likely that the beneficiaries will be cut down drastically with so many terms and conditions. On the other side, BJP leaders have already started bringing pressure on KCR to resume the scheme implementation immediately.

They are looking forward to KCR failing so that TRS can be cornered and the saffron party can woo Dalit voters towards them. If implemented, it will cost a bomb for a failed scheme, and if not implemented, it is trouble from BJP. Either way, it is double trouble for KCR.