Doors Closed To Stop Going Out Of YCP PlenaryYSR Congress Constituency level Plenary happened in Nidadavolu on Monday. Minister Taaneti Vanitha and MLA G Srinivas Naidu attended.

Rajamundry MP Maragani Bharat and MLA Jakkampudi Raja were also present.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Vanitha said,” There is a vicious campaign that party cadre is being ignored in our government. All nominated posts were given to our party leaders. Volunteers posts are for the families of party supporters”.

While the Minister is speaking, many party cadres rushed out of the venue. The organizers closed the main door to stop the attendees going out.

The cadres have shouted slogans demanding to open the door. As the cadre got restless, MLA Srinivas Naidu took the Mike and asked to open the doors. The auditorium got emptied in no time.