Don't Resort To Archaka Paripaalana: NTR To JaganThe entire Nandamuri family has come together to combat the character assassination saga that has been set in motion by the YCP MLAs in the assembly yesterday. Earlier today, Nandamuri Balakrishna warned the YCP MLAs not to drag his family members into the political war.

Now, Jr NTR has commented about the development and he exhibits controlled aggression while defending his family.

“I am left disheartened after seeing what happened in Andhra Pradesh assembly yesterday. One of my family members was targeted by a particular group. They used highly offensive language to humiliate my family member. This Arachaka Paalana(Anarchy) needs to end. Don’t resort to anything as such in the future,” Jr NTR said in the video he shared on social media today.

Tarak added that it is in Telugu culture to respect women and this practice is being laid to rest by a group of politicians who are resorting to cringeworthy strategies for their political gains.

NTR has advised YS Jagan’s men not to resort to Arachaka Paripaalana. This video is now going viral on social media