Jagan-Govt-OrderAU Registrar Acharya V. Krishnamohan issued an order to the HODs and section superintendents in Andhra University that no government employee should speak criticizing the policies and decisions of the central and state governments.

On Tuesday, these orders reached the respective department heads, principals, and section superintendents.

After huge criticism of the issue, AU Registrar Acharya V. Krishnamohan clarified it.

“There is a rule that government employees should not speak against the policies and decisions of the government. The government has again sent this to all the universities. The same G.O. was issued in AU. No rules were imposed on general matters other than anti-government matters,” he clarified.

The Chief Minister takes an oath to protect the constitution. But do not care for the constitutional promise of upholding the freedom of speech.

Probably, we would also see orders saying that welfare scheme beneficiaries should not speak against the Government.