Donald Trump Elected President - 2016 US Presidential Elections Republican Nominee Donald Trump cruised to a sensational victory in the just concluded elections. Trump is now elected as the next President of the United States and will take charge in January next year. Trump virtually demolished his Democrat Rival, Hillary Clinton by winning the Senate and the House by a comfortable margin.

Trump has garnered 276 electoral votes crossing the magical mark of 270 needed to be declared as the winner. Trump also demolished some of the Democrat strongholds in the process pressing the panic button for the rivals. And that keeps America waiting for it’s first female President for at least four years more.

On the other side, the fears generated by the Main Stream Media about Trump are still in the air and that is visible as stock markets across the globe came crashing. India’s Stock Markets are not different either as Sensex lost more than 1000 points while Nifty lost about 200 points.