Donald-Trump-Is-the-'Idiot'-for-GoogleGoogle search results for the word “Idiot” is making the world roll on the floor laughing. If you type idiot in the search bar, the results get you the American President Donald Trump’s images in the first four rows. That tickled many today as this news has gone viral on the internet.

But wait, why is Google doing that? Earlier, the search for worst Bollywood actor resulted in Salman Khan’s name which was a definite shocker and was corrected later by the popular search engine. Apparently, it is not the fault of Google. In the case of Trump, this the work of online campaign activists who have been manipulating the Google algorithms by linking the word idiot to every article related to Trump.

This has resulted in the funny results portraying American President to be an idiot. Well, as mentioned, this is not the first time. Many such incidents have been reported earlier and Google kept correcting them and Trump’s is the latest to chuckle on.