Perni Nani YSRCP Pawan KalyanThe war of words between Pawan Kalyan and YSRCP leaders has hit the pinnacle stage. Pawan started it off with his hard-hitting speech at Republic pre-release event and YSRCP troops are reciprocating with equal vigor.

The other night, Telugu actor and YCP loyalist, Posani Krishna Murali resorted to character assassination as he spoke about Pawan Kalyan. He said Pawan Kalyan does not have the stature to speak about YS Jagan. “A Punjabi actress was cheated and impregnated by a noted Tollywood personality. Pawan Kalyan should look into it,” he said.

To which, Pawan replied with a tweet. He referred to YCP troops as dogs and even shared the famous “Who let the dogs out” song in the same tweet. This tweet went viral.

Then came YCP senior and I&PR Minister of Andhra Pradesh Perni Nani. He shared an edited video featuring Pawan Kalyan with the “Who let the dogs out” song playing in the background. Nani also commented about Pawan Kalyan’s multiple marriages in this tweet.

While Pawan is referring to YCP troops as dogs, the Jagan-led party leaders are commenting about the multiple marriages of Pawan Kalyan. Such is the sad state of affairs in Andhra Pradesh politics.