Does Responsibility Come Only with Power for Pawan KalyanPowerstar Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena Party has just started taking baby steps in Politics with the aim of becoming a decisive power or more in 2019 elections. Pawan Kalyan is trying to strike a balance between his films and politics. He is not interested in leaving the films in the name of bad finances.

In order to stay in people’s memory, Pawan Kalyan comes before people in the name of Press Meets and Public Meetings every now and then. And for the rest of the times, he is busy with films and tweeting about what Politicians should and should not do. We have seen him particularly advising the MPs to do that and this from the Special Status issue and Demonetization issue.

But Pawan Kalyan never cares to reveal what he actually does about them. Does that mean he thinks responsibility come only with Power? Will Pawan Kalyan do nothing to people until people give him something? asks some people which may be harsh but not unreal.

Pawan Kalyan will have a readymade answer ‘People will mob me if I am on ground’ for such questions. But when foraying into active politics and having high ambitions, people expect the leaders should be amidst them and share their problems. Leaders tweeting advice may be the last priority of the people. Pawan Kalyan should realize.