Does-It-Matter-Whose-Fan-YS-Jagan-IsYS Jagan Mohan Reddy is less than One Month old as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh but he has opened an interesting debate on the Social Media. The question is who is the favorite actor of YS Jagan during his school and college days. A section of Balakrishna fans who are political supporters of YSR claiming that he is a Balayya fan.

A newspaper clipping is being circulated in which an advertisement of Balayya’s Samara Simha Reddy is seen on Jagan’s name. It is clearly a morphed picture created to showcase Jagan as Balayya fan. On the other side, Mega fans claim that Jagan is a fan of Megastar Chiranjeevi. They bring a news snippet of Jagan’s classmate in Hyderabad Public School.

That classmate reveals how they used to go to Chiranjeevi films together. However, both the sides are missing a basic point here. Even though Jagan was a fan of Balayya or Chiranjeevi, he and his party opposed both of them in Politics. Jagan tried his level best to defeat Balayya in Hindupur but in vain.

Chiranjeevi may not be in a receiving end from YSR Congress as he is not active in politics, but Jagan bashed Pawan Kalyan left and right. He even crossed the line and made comments about Pawan Kalyan’s personal life before the elections. Does it matter whose fan Jagan is?