Divorce On TikTok  Leads To Murder of Desi Chicago WomanMandeep Kaur’s case of domestic violence has touched upon a sensitive chord among the Asian communities. Many are silent sufferers of domestic violence, and despite all the education and social awareness, many don’t talk out of fear of being singled out in their communities.

One case that happened just about a month before Mandeep Kaur was that of Chicago woman 29-yr-old Sania Khan. Following her split from her ex-husband Raheel Ahmed, 36, Sania Khan took to Tik Tok to explicitly write about her divorce.

However, not being able to withstand publicly being shamed, Raheel shot dead Sania on July 18 at her home and then killed himself with his 9mm Glock pistol. In fact, post-divorce, Raheel lived hundreds of miles away in Georgia.

Sania, who was a photographer, made a series of Tik Toks to document the end of her marriage. While it is not clear if the divorce had happened or was still in progress, Sania decided to move away from Raheel and start a new chapter in her life, despite family pressure.

She described Raheel as “toxic.” She spoke about the marriage she wasn’t meant to be in, the shame she felt at the hand of her South Asian community, and the heart-wrenching process of trying to put her life together once again.

On that day, the Chicago police heard a gunshot and knocked on the door to find Raheel lying dead with a suicide note, and Sania was already dead. Both Mandeep and Sania have been victims of domestic violence, which is widely debated in American society. However, the liberal laws do not take into their fold the Asian communities that continue to live closeted lives in a Western world.