Divine Intervention to Save from Demonetization WoesThe woes of people are looking like never ending as the governments hopelessly wait for the situation to normalize. But then the Gods themselves seem to have descended to help the people in crisis. Temples in both the Telugu States are depositing their earnings – mostly in small denomination notes and coins back to the banks.

This money is being dispensed to the people lining up to exchange the cash. In Telangana, about 12000 major and minor temples managed by the endowments department are depositing their daily earnings into banks. Of the 12,000 temples, the big five Yadadri, Vemulawada, Bhadrachalam, Basara, and Kondaguttu – account for 90 percent of the total revenue.

The temples earn big through the sale of darshan, accommodation and other temple services including ticket sales. The temples are also depositing their Hundi collections to the banks but once for a month. The government has directed the temples to deposit the Hundi collections every week so as to help the people in the state.

Besides that, all the temples were asked to accept the old 500 and 1000 Notes from devotees until November 24th. The change they provide to the pilgrims is helping big time as the latter are struggling to get the change from the local shops due to the cash crunch. Several shops at all the pilgrim centers are asking for a premium to accept the old notes.