Dissecting ABN Andhrajyothy SurveyAs Chandrababu Naidu’s government is half done in power, Popular Telugu Media House, ABN – Andhrajyothy has conducted a survey about the ground level reality if elections are to be held today. The figures are tilted towards Telugu Desam Party and everyone can agree or disagree with them but then we look at the gist of the survey here.

The survey puts TDP is at a slightly better position than the last elections if TDP and BJP contest together. The betterment may be attributed to Jagan losing hold but still trying to get things right in his stronghold Rayalaseema. Jagan did very few things right things in the Opposition and may be aptly paying for that. This is an undeniable fact.

The survey predicted TDP to perform better if it goes alone and indicates alliance with BJP is a liability. That is again understandable as an alliance with BJP did no good to TDP or Andhra Pradesh until now. They have already proved no better than Congress going back on crucial promises.

The survey is all about what happens if elections happen today so Jana Sena is not taken into consideration. But the survey indicated that people have mixed opinion about Pawan Kalyan’s participation in politics and it is rightly so with occasional guest appearances. Congress registered meager improvement but is still insignificant. While we can not ratify the numbers to be true or false, they at least reflect the ground reality.