Disha App: Meant For Women, Forced On Men!YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government has passed Disha bill that is aimed at granting capital punishment to those convicted of specific crimes against women and to speed up the trial of those cases within 21 days of the crime.

The Bill is yet to be ratified by the Central Government even after 30 months of passing it in Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

The Government has brought Disha app for the safety of women. It is basically an App which women can use to alert nearest Police station in case of an emergency.

The government has been setting targets to the Volunteers and Police departments regarding number of installs. So that big claims can be made regarding women safety.

The app has 5.1 Million downloads on Google Play store. This is a commendable achievement for a Government app which will usually have no traction.

But due to the targets, Police and volunteers takes the app seriously. Everything is good until then but Police have been getting the app installed by Gents to increase the installs.

It is usual ritual in Police checking in Andhra Pradesh. The defaulters and no defaulters will not be allowed to go unless they install Disha app.

Social media is full of stories about how males are harassed to install the app. This is the commitment the government has.