Online ClassCovid has changed the way we look at life these days. Life has become mostly indoors and online for students and office goers. This has its own advantages and disadvantages. Poor teachers are going through a lot and working day and night to teach the kids online which is very difficult.

Since morning, one video about students abusing a teacher in Telangana has gone viral on social media. In the video, the students are abusing the teacher with foul language. Irrespective of the teacher warning them, the students continue to humiliate him by swearing back-to-back cuss words.

What’s sad is that a female student is just giggling and enjoying the whole abuse going against the teacher. It is a very sad stage to see and even though the teacher says that this abuse is being recorded, the students continue to use foul language against him.

This clearly shows what a joke education in Telangana has become. All the online classes have been taken for granted. Harsh reactions are coming out and everyone on social media says that strict action should be taken against these students for their behavior.

Teachers are considered to be like the divine people who instill good behavior and inspire students to be good. But when such students go all out, it hurts many.

The Hyderabad cops have also been involved in this issue and in no time, the people behind this video will be given the right treatment which is the right way to go. A lot of people have also urged CM KCR to stop the online classes and start regular schools so that such activities can be curbed.