KTR supports abusive languageLabour Minister Malla Reddy, earlier this week, hurdled abuses at PCC President Revanth Reddy. He even got up from his seat and slapped his thigh to abuse and challenge Revanth Reddy. The abuses video has gone viral on social media inviting flak from the people.

What is more shocking is Minister KTR supporting the abusive language. “Malla Reddy is always high on josh and his anger quotient is also high. What is wrong in giving back? Everything has a limit and the patience will wane off after a certain limit,” KTR defended.

“Why don’t you question Revanth Reddy on using abusive language against KCR, myself, and TRS every day?” he questioned. It is right that even the Opposition leaders should mind their language. But then, those in power and those holding constitutional posts should have more restrain.

It is not good to see KTR supporting abusive comments. Interestingly, KTR’s support to Malla Reddy comes after the minister himself regretting for his abusive language.