Taraka RatnaNandamuri Taraka Ratna is critical and has been shifted to Bengaluru’s Narayana Hrudayala for better treatment. The next 48 hours are going to be critical.

The family members are stunned with this unexpected development. Taraka Ratna came to Kuppam and collapsed while he accompanied Lokesh to a Dargah.

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Doctors say he suffered a heart stroke due to a Pre-existing heart condition. His left side heart valves are 90% blocked and glucose levels are as high as 400. The glucose levels are to be controlled before anything else.

But then dirty politics are already at play. Some are wishing death to Taraka Ratna so that they can claim Lokesh/Lokesh’s Padayatra as a bad omen. Some are going to the extent that he is already no more and the announcement is delayed so that Lokesh does not get the bad name.

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YSR Congress Social media teams are on a rampage doing this propaganda minutes after he fell down. They are bullish even though it has got nothing to do with the Padayatra and because of a Pre-existing Heart Condition.

But then, Andhra Pradesh politics have become as such with insensitivity and inhumanity. The vultures do not even spare a second about the family who are living their worse nightmare for the last one day.

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