Digvijay continues to play jokes on Telugu peopleAndhra Pradesh Congress Incharge Digvijay Singh seem to be not serious about his work. He is the one who flared up agitations in Seema Andhra people making irrelevant comments and bad taste jokes on people’s sentiments. As a result, he is a big villain today in Seema Andhra region. However, the senior politician does not seem to change. He is in Hyderabad for a two days visit and once again showed his ugly comical side.

When the entire state is heated up with the anxiety and curiosity over the Telangana bill, he posted in Twitter that he is missing Andhra Non Veg. He said, “I have always loved Andhra non veg food. This time I am here on Thursday – my Vegetarian day and today is Ekadashi when I keep a Fast !” These irrelevant and untimely comments received flak from all quarters. It looks like he is modern Nero who is fiddling when the Rome is on fire.