Amaravati AgitationAfter the severe drubbing in the 2019 elections, we have seen the Ruling Party say TDP is finished. But then, this is quite opposite of what they exactly indicate. The other day, the Amaravati movement has completed 600 days of agitation. The government has deployed a huge contingent of police to control the farmers.

Check posts are arranged at many places to prevent any protests and rallies. Over three thousand police personnel were deployed and not a single outsider is allowed into the Capital villages. Police from all the districts were brought to Amaravati to control the protests.

Meanwhile, the ruling party continues to belittle the agitation saying that there are no people behind this movement and it is a manufactured protest being fueled by TDP. But then, the question is can a party that has lost an election so badly can fuel an agitation for closer to two years.

If the Ruling party is alleging the same, then TDP can not be considered as a done force.